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We are Plaza Resident Services and we give people the home and freedom to live a vibrant city life. We do this by offering students, new residents and city starters of all sorts, smart urban living places to make into their homes. And by cooperating with property owners to find the right tennants for their places.

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We have a variety of places that might suit your wishes. From student housing to urban living, whatever you are looking for, we can help you find that place.

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Add value to your property

You own a multi-residential building, and you are looking for a partner to attract tenants, manage your property and to create a vibrant community. Let's team up! We have the expertise to help you tackle these challenges and add value to your property.

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Latest news

21 Mar 2022

Municipality of Delft and Plaza Resident Services join forces to help Ukrainian refugees

17 Jan 2022

Mosaic World's new strategy breaks with traditional vacancy management

04 Jan 2022

Plaza Resident Services places AEDs at residential complexes

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