Find your place

Finding a new home is in some way the start of a new life: whether it is due to a new career or if you are moving out from your parents' home for the first time, it's about making a new place your home.

We offer smart urban living places to students, new residents and city starters of all sorts, and guide you on your journey to finding that place and making it your home.


On our housing platform you will find all kinds of housing opportunities that fit your needs and wishes. Ranging from short stay to longer term rental, there is always a micro living solution that will give you the freedom and chance to live the urban life you've dreamed of.

Micro living, the new trend in living

Our solutions are what we call micro living solutions. It is the latest housing trend where efficient and smart use of space gives you the opportunity to live in an urban environment.

These solutions are perfect for you, a generation of young people, expats, or students that is looking for affordable housing in an urban environment. Not necessarily large, but comfortable, equipped with every convenience and close to public transport. Fully furnished flats with laundry rooms and communal facilities. A flat where you can move in inmediately, with just a suitcase and a laptop.

In addition, we place great importance on the social aspect of living together. We don't just provide a room to live, our complexes also come with spaces where people can socialise. This ranges from a shared kitchen to a game room, from communal study facilties to an open courtyard.

High quality furnishing

The micro living units in our complexes are made of high-quality materials. The finish, the upholstery and the furniture, they are all high quality products. As residents you pay an affordable amount per month for this. In return, you have everything to yourself, your own kitchen and your own bathroom.