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  • 9-1-2024


Plaza Resident Services and Monoma, both part of Mosaic World, took advantage of Warm Sweater Day (10 February) to make its residents in the Netherlands aware of their energy consumption. After all, by turning down the heating one degree, together we have a huge impact on energy consumption. This not only helps the Netherlands to achieve its energy targets, it also directly benefits our residents by lowering their energy bills.

Did you know that if the whole of the Netherlands turned down the heating by one degree for one day, this would save 3.3 million m3 of gas and 6.3 million kilos of CO2? As sustainability and sustainable living is an important pillar within Mosaic World, we challenged approximately 6,000 of our residents in the Netherlands, from both Plaza Resident Services and Monoma, to think actively about their own energy consumption during Warm Sweater Day 2023:

Is it really necessary to turn the heating up that high?
Is the TV off, or on standby?
And is the phone charger still plugged in, even when not in use?

Just some small tips and savings that together can make a big impact. Not only on the environment and our joint energy consumption, but also on our residents' wallets, because lower energy consumption also means lower energy bills.

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