• Nieuws
  • 9-1-2024


Plaza Resident Services has partnered with Smartvatten to implement smart water efficiency solutions in its residential complexes.

"If we can save 1 litre of water per room per day in 30 complexes, with an average of 250 rooms each, we are already talking about over 2.7 million litres of water per year. That is comparable to the contents of an Olympic swimming pool," said Patrick Dillen, Director Property Management at Plaza Resident Services. "Partnering with Smartvatten will allow us to make our buildings even more sustainable and further develop our ESG ambitions (Environment, Society and Corporate Governance)."


Smartvatten, water efficiency specialist, facilitates remote monitoring of water consumption in properties across Europe with a simple device and smart software. "As part of our efforts to automate and make residential complexes more sustainable, we turned to Smartvatten for its user-friendly solution to online monitoring of meter readings, consumption data and leak detection system. We have signed an agreement to implement Smartvatten's service at various sites for the next 10 years. This quarter, the water monitoring service will be rolled out at the first sites," explained Patrick Dillen.

"We are currently investing in making our buildings more sustainable and advancing our ESG ambitions, and water is an important part of that. Smartvatten appealed to us because of their sustainability, technology and how well it can be applied in a building. It allows us to monitor our water consumption, better inform our tenants, detect leaks faster and gain insight into how we can save water in the future."

"Smartvatten is very excited about the long-term, sustainable partnership we have entered into with Plaza Resident Services," says Max Verbeek, Account Manager Benelux at Smartvatten. "We look forward to helping Plaza Resident Services automate their premises and achieve their sustainability goals."

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