• Nieuws
  • 31-1-2024


On November 8, 2023, Milieu Service Nederland installed five underground compaction containers at the Plaza Resident Services complex in Maastricht. These include three containers for general waste and two containers for paper and cardboard. This not only marks a significant improvement in waste management for Plaza Resident Services but also represents a noteworthy project for Milieu Service Nederland to undertake.

Underground compactor containers

The underground compaction containers from Milieu Service Nederland offer numerous advantages. The first and most significant benefit is that waste is compressed on-site, immediately after being placed underground. This allows for up to ten times more waste to be accommodated in the compaction container before it needs to be emptied. Secondly, the containers provide a neat appearance on the premises, as there are no longer visible waste bins or containers. Additionally, the underground placement naturally cools the waste (where temperatures are approximately 10-15 degrees Celsius), minimizing decomposition and, consequently, reducing unpleasant odors. Lastly, the underground compaction containers contribute to sustainable waste processing.

Ready for the future

On the way to a circular economy by 2050, it is crucial to separate waste streams. Separately collected paper and cardboard can be processed into new paper and cardboard products. In addition to the significant step of revaluing waste, carbon dioxide emissions are also reduced. Compressing waste on-site reduces the need for transportation, leading to fewer transport movements. Additionally, with the automatic fill sensor that signals when the underground compaction container is 80% full, we ensure meaningful trips are scheduled before the container reaches full capacity.

Useful for the user

The installation of five underground compactor containers is aimed at providing a high level of service. Users of the containers, mainly students in Maastricht, never have to wait to dispose of their waste due to the presence of multiple containers, even when one container is inaccessible due to, for example, being emptied. Additionally, the containers are equipped with a code panel, allowing users to easily operate the container.

For more information about underground compaction containers or other suitable waste collection solutions for your organization, you can contact us via the contact form on the Milieu Service Nederland website.