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  • 9-1-2024

Municipality of Delft and Plaza Resident Services join forces to help Ukrainian refugees

The municipality of Delft and Plaza Resident Services are working together to help refugees from Ukraine. For the period until 1 July 2022 at least 30 appartments in the Pauwmolen complex are available to accommodate Ukrainian refugees.

The furnished appartments are available immediately for a number of Ukrainian refugees. As the Pauwmolen complex is a youth housing complex, the municipality of Delft will ensure that the placed refugees will fit within the housing complex, such as singles or couples with an age up to 40 years.

Patrick Dillen, director of Property Management Nederland, explains: 'Like everyone else, we also see the heartbreaking images from Ukraine and we want to do our bit. Since we, asproperty manager of various residential complexes in the Netherlands, are in the unique situation of being able to offer immediate shelter to a number of refugees, we are pleased that we have come to this solution together with the municipality of Delft. Of course we hope that this accommodation will only be of short duration, but if necessary, we will at least be able to provide shelter to a number of refugees in the coming months.'

The first Ukrainian refugees have already arrived in the housing complex in Delft. Not only will they be helped with a temporary home, but we will also provide a food package for the first few days and a linen and kitchen package for the refugees who move into one of the furnished flats. In addition, the residents of the various Plaza Resident Services complexes in the Netherlands will be actively involved in initiatives to provide clothing, food or other assistance to the Ukrainian refugees in Delft or other locations in the Netherlands.

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