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  • 9-1-2024

Meet Imke – Team Lead Property Management

From (almost) midwife to Team Lead Property Management; our colleague Imke takes you on her journey at Plaza Resident Services.

After completing her medical studies, Imke ultimately chose a career in real estate. At first glance, it might seem like an unusual choice, but given that her parents were also involved in the real estate world, it felt like a natural decision for Imke. "During my midwifery studies, I realized that I didn't want to dedicate myself to constantly caring for others forever. However, I did appreciate the variety and freedom that came with that role. Growing up in a family where managing tenants and properties was a daily affair, transitioning to the real estate sector seemed like a logical step for me. It was a world that suited me well. This led me to start working as a Property Manager at Plaza Resident Services, where I was able to advance to my current position as Team Lead Property Management within a year."

As Team Lead Property Management, Imke is responsible for seven complexes in the West region of the Netherlands, including cities such as Delft, The Hague, Rotterdam, Breda, and Den Bosch. Her daily tasks include managing these complexes, handling technical matters, and supervising caretakers. Additionally, she is currently taking a course in operational management. "This course provides me with practical tools to work even better and more efficiently with my team."

"Every day is different."

The highlight of Imke's daily work at Plaza Resident Services? "The most enjoyable aspect for me is the collaborations within Plaza and Mosaic World, with the caretakers, and with colleagues at the headquarters. Collaboratively solving problems, tackling challenges, and achieving positive results. It's satisfying when everyone is pleased with the outcomes. Working together and making a positive impact on the residents' living experience is just enjoyable."

"Every day is different, and often my day unfolds differently than I had planned. My days are filled with paperwork, phone calls, assigning tasks, and processing invoices, and sometimes also with urgent matters and quick adjustments when something unexpected happens on-site." Imke mentions that she collaborates extensively with municipalities and contractors, as she is involved in everything related to her locations.

"What works today may be different tomorrow."

"One noticeable aspect of Mosaic World is the willingness to embrace change. As an organization, we are very flexible and self-directed, quite different from some other organizations in the same sectors. What works today may be entirely different tomorrow."

The organizational atmosphere and the helpfulness of colleagues also contribute to Imke feeling at home at Mosaic World. "The camaraderie among colleagues is excellent, very informal, and also enjoyable. You can always rely on your colleagues for assistance. There was a time when I was going through a bit of a tough period, but everyone was there to support me during that time. It truly feels like a warm nest where everyone is supportive."

She emphasizes the opportunities that Mosaic World and Plaza Resident Services offer, even if you come from a different background. "If you're willing to learn and continue developing yourself, then this is a fantastic place. It's really about your own motivation for yourself and your work!"

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